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The Original Orthodox Foundations of the Order of Templar Knights


Photo below. Seals of the princes of Gothia (equal peers of the King of France).

The oath that is regarded as forming the original Knights Templar order was conducted beneath the hands of the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople and the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1118AD.
The Patriarch of Rome(aka Pope) did not participate for about another twenty years. As the order was so blessed and prosperous, finally the pope did offer a papal bull of protection.
However, this did not mean submission to Rome any more than to the support of other Apostolic sees. While this all was very recent to the great schism, still the reasons of the Crusades had remained to "assist the Orthodox Emperor of Constantinople" against the heathen.
The Latin church never had denounced the Apostolic validity or authority of the other Sees, such as Constantinople.
The other non-Roman Apostolic Sees of the world (including Glastonbury, which was four times greater in size than Constantinople) contributed vastly to the success of the Templar order.
It is from Glastonbury England that the coat of Arms of Joseph of Arimathea gave rise to the red cross on the white shield (as having been the original lord in possession of the holy cross).
Long before Rome was onboard the Templar had the support of numerous Princes, Kings and Queens of Germanic and English origin (Gothian Nobles being some of the most resistant, while also being Orthodox).
It is recorded that the Templar order since 1096, had been sanctioned by Royal Knights of the most powerful leader of the Crusades "Prince Raymond of Gothia and Toulouse". After he had won the holy land, it is recorded, a great number of his Royal Knights stayed at Jerusalem to form the "order of the Temple", that same year. That is in the official Templar historical record by Simon de St. Bertin, as written in circa 1135-7. From this date of 1096 till 1118 numerous trips are recorded by these successor Royal Knights of Gothia.
The main international protections of the Templar were as Royal Knights of Gothia, which later were called Frankish Germanic Knights and Princes.
The Metropolitanate of Gothia (Caffa and Crimea) was also long established as a Diocese under the Patriarch of Constantinople.
Today's Gothian Templar maintains the correct roots of the original order.
The true order being founded on reverence for God's Temple, (all the churches of Christendom followed suit, as facing Eastward towards Jerusalem, as David also prayed towards Jerusalem).
We also hold the foundational Jerusalem traditions of the true cross as was re-instituted by the British mother of Constantine at Jerusalem. After the Persians sacked Jerusalem, the cross was won back after major campaigns of war by the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius. This included the true Chivalry of protecting Christian possessions for God's Kingdom on earth.
Our Germanic name and roots remain across the same original provinces, royal titles, and tribes all known as Gothic(or Gothian). The greatest resisters against the pope's condemnation of the Templar have also borne the name of Gothia and Goths. Princes of Gottingen (Gutingi) for example continued to be protectors, keeping the actual Templar preceptories as sovereign lordships under the Ducal Monarchs of Brunswick. This continued as protections for the Brunswick Templar family. This Gottingen Princely family has continued perpetually functioning as Templar in these titles in Supplingenburg and at Brunswick Castle till the Templehof demolition by the Brunswick city reforms of 1960. This castle land is under protest against the socialist progressive city of Brunswick to be reclaimed back for usage as the rightful perpetual Templar holy site. Supplingenburg however remains an authentic Templar Lordship under the de jure Sovereign Dukes of Brunswick, princes of Gottingen. In addition to the secular protections of our order, the spiritual protections of Primace Stephen, of the Culdees at Glastonbury and Heirarch Ambrose of the Goths at Crimea have given a full endorsement of the Gothian Templar in their joint declaration on the 20th of February, 2015. The main statutes of the order being to protect Christian pilgrims of the holy sites of the Muslim besieged Europe and of the dangerous zones for Christians at Jerusalem. Therefore Gothian Templar are of the substance of Templar, uniting all the old European (Gothic) descended Royal Knights to their consecrated duties for the safety of a family friendly environment for Christian pilgrims, without heathen interference in our establishments of faith.

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