Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gothian Imperial Knights Participate in Humanitarian Missions

The Gothian Imperial Knights Templar (GIKT) participating in the humanitarian missions of the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute. We encourage our Knights to also join this Institute.

We support the EU Christian – Islam Relations Peace Conference. (if you’re a member of the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute) Send email to to ensure you’re a part of the online conference. Please write us in advance if you agree (or disagree) with any of the terms in this Peace Declaration. We want regular opinions from the public. Call this our town-hall for regular people across Europe. We seek to ease the tensions and bring about lasting peaceful solutions. We're willing to adopt change. This conference will be a "workshop" where each point will be gone over and be open for feedback. The final seal will go on the document before the end of the month.

Enablement to secure maximum peace. Through the Priory of Salem - Peace Insitute you can be a part of diplomatically extinguishing the attacks against your Christian culture and heritage. 

Our Knights are authorized to move up in the ranks of the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute to become a full Marshal. 

To become an Imperial Gothic Knight, write to
Imperial Gothic Knights Are Now Recruiting

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