Monday, August 10, 2015

Land of the Scythians (True Israelite Goths)

The Roman historian, Pliny the Eder (c.50 A.D.) indicated,
“The name Scythian has extended in every direction, even to the Sarmatae and the Germans…beyond the Danube are the peoples of Scythia. The Persians have called them by the general name of Sacae… The more ancient writers give them the name of Aramii. The multitude of these Scythians is quite innumerable, in their life and habits they much resemble the people of Parthia. The tribes among them that are better known are the Sacae, the Massagetae, the Dahae…”

The Land of the Scythians and the Land of Arsereth as the Sarmatia
Stephen Michael, King of Goths's photo.
Ortellius said "the Kingdom of Arsareth (see II Esdra 8:45), was where the Ten Tribes took on the name Gauthei..." John Wilson has pointed out that the country of the Getae was on the borders of the Danubian principalities, on the river Sereth, where is a town of the same name, which in the Hebrew tounge, would be Ar-sereth.
E.W. Ingersol – “In the quotation from Esdras, the account of the captivity of Ten-Tribed Israel is identical with that in II Kings, 17; so that we have here the testimony of three witnesses of the captivity of Israel into Assyria, of their sojourn there, and of their removal thence. Of this removal, Herodotus and Esdras use almost the same language in rehearsing the events. But we now have yet more confirmatory evidence of the removal of Israel from Assyria to the "land uninhabited by man," a year and a half's journey distant." The Oxonian (John Heywood), in his history, has given maps in which is traced the line of the wanderings of Israel in all their journey, from their leaving the cities of the Medes on the River Gozan, and on the southwest coast of the Caspian Sea, till they reached the end of their journey at Arsareth.” (E.P. Ingersol, “Lost Israel found in the Anglo-Saxon Race, Chapter V)

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