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Imperial Goths of Kiev

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Imperial Goths of Kiev

Kiev was the earliest and most major capital of Russia (Garderikke).

 Asgard or Asalan was also listed to be near the Caspian and Euxine seas, at the landmarks of Ukraine.

 The birthplace for many Noble's ancestors was called "Asgard or Asalan". The ancient genealogies catalog Ukraine and Kiev complete with the landmarks for their birthplaces. One of the widely recorded genealogies throughout Christendom is Odin. He is often recorded with his father being "Supreme ruler of the Scythians", in Asalan, Turkestan, between the Euxine and Caspian Seas in Asia.

Some of the nobles of this line include Radbard Radbardsson (born in circa 638), the King of Garderidge (Garderikke/ Kiev Rusland). Twenty generations previous were all Kings of Troy. Of this line is also Rurik (Grand Prince) of NOVGORAD, and his son, Igor I (Grand Prince) of KIEV, his son, Sviatoslav (Svatislav) I IGORJEWITSCH, and his son, Vladimir (Saint) I (Grand Prince) of KIEV. 

Albert Welles, in his "Pedigree and history of the Washington Family." wrote extensively on this pedigree together with the map locations.

In the "Annals of the Four Masters", these lands of the Goths are further expanded in detail.

Colonel J.C. Gawler, Keeper of the Crown Jewels, who wrote the following, in "Dan, The Pioneer of Israel" wrote:
"Odin is a historic and mythical personage. It was a name also assumed by Danish chieftains. In Norse it is Ottin, in Gothic Wuotan, the Lombards wrote Wodan, Old Saxons Wodan, Westphalian SaxonsGodan, or Gudan (Grimm; Moore’s Pillar Stones of Scotland, 151, and Sharon Turner, Anglo-Sax., vol. i., p. 100).

”Odin’s capital, Asgard, was supposed to be between the Euxine and Caspian Seas… The chronicle of the Norwegian[ii] kings commences with an account of a people on the east of the river Tana-quisl (the Tana-quisl is the Dana-strom, or Danube). The people were governed by a pontiff-king, Odin. These people introduced the worship of Odin into Denmark and Sweden (Moore’s Pillar Stones, p. 149; see Traces de Buddhisme en Norvege, par M. C. A. Holmboe; Professeur de Langues Orientales en Universitie Royale de Norvege).”

From the time of the defection of the Ten Tribes under Jeroboam, the kings of Israel seem to have constituted themselves pontiff-kings. They made the priests, and were priests themselves. (See I Kings 13:1, 33) And (whether or not the places be identical) there, in Media, in the exact position assigned to the headquarters of the Ten Tribes (II Esdras 13:43), south of the sources, or ”narrow passages,” of the Euphrates, may be found, in the best modern maps, the district or province of Asgerd, with its capital of the same name, corresponding, as well as can fairly be conceived, with Asgard, the traditional home and palace of Odin, ”near the Euxine and Caspian Seas.”

The position of Asgerd, in the Prussian map which I possess, is about 30 miles north of Lake Van."

The Imperial Goths of Kiev used this Crimean area (near Asgard) often as a launch pad to raid the competing nations in the region. Later to even conquer Rome. 

Scottish Imperial Gothic Connection

Alaric the Goth together with Fergus the II of Scotland conquered Rome together. The Scottish connection to KIEV is of great importance. In Scotland's Declaration of Aborath it references the Scottish Gothic conversion to Christianity there at the Black sea. It is only at KIEV that Saint Andrew is so well known to have converted the peoples. Saint Andrew being mentioned in  Scotland's legal Declaration of Independence signed by numerous Barons, and by Robert the Bruce himself bears witness to this great Imperial Gothic heritage from Kiev. Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and his flag serves as the national standard. Andrew being the first apostle is considered a senior apostle over Peter. Peter and his successors being the leaders of the Western Roman church.

Hundreds of years before Augustine arrived in Great Britian, already the Gothic Eastern Culdee church had buried nearly 130 well known Saints. This should well demonstrate the early Imperial nature of Christianity among the true leaders of the true faith. See article "130 British Saints Before Augustine". 

If you read and understand this long established estate of Christianity, you'll understand why the Scottish nation claimed to posess the literal throne of King David of Israel (the Stone of Scone) which was stolen by Longshanks. Perhaps you'll get a better picture of the true Israel of God, as found in the Bible, the great and mighty Christian nations of the earth. Since Edward I (Longshanks) each sucessive Monarch of England has been crowned on David's literal throne, also fulfilling the prophecy that there shall not fail one of the seed of David to rule on the throne. While many tyrants have misgoverned, their authority has still been granted through these ancient covenants YAHWEH has made. However, we also have covenants to be His Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation. Now there are thouasnds of descendants of true David, for example from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and also in the far East, even Ukraine!

The Lord's Prayer
We're to pray for the restoration of the Kingdom Governance of YAHWEH on earth. This is our daily prayer given us directly by our King Jesus. If we pray this prayer then we seek all His governance in all levels of society as He (eternal unchanging God) gave to Moses. Moses' law is the only standard mankind has to know sin, and be accountable. Only if we confess our sin and turn from it (even national level sins) then He will be faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of all our sins and unrighteousness. However we must acknowledge His standard for sin as it says "sin is transgression of the law" read, 1John 3:4.

Protestant Peoples (or Imperial Goths) are again on Concentration Camp situations. 
Many of the latest Gothic nations were founded on separatism against Rome. America under the original articles of Confederation in the 1630's recognized no earthly power, only the gospel of Jesus Christ and the law of Moses. Later this was the foundation of all subsequent constitutions of America apart from Great Britain and our rights to serve God being inalienable and given directly from our Creator. One other nation under the greatest visible bondage is South Africa now where there is a crisis of 2 million white Afrikaners living on squatter camps without food aid. Most 10-15 year old children haven't owned shoes their entire lives. This is the result of communist party of South Africa called the ANC. We have both the USA and Russia to blame for these terrible concentration camps. Perhaps both the USA and Russia together can make a peace pact to liberate these peoples who share our common history of service apart from Rome. Read more about the situation of the Afrikaners' now on camps that are worse than the infamous concentration camps. The World War II photos of skeleton people is the average site, as disease has set in. The best archives on this situation are maintained Adrianna Stuijt who is a former reporter for 25 years in South Africa.  

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