Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fergus II of Scotland 410 AD Sacked Rome with Alaric the Goth

Fergus II, King of Scotland, was another great Imperial Goth.

After many battles he had routed the Romans out of Scotland. He recalled the Culdee priests and provided they be Pastors over the whole Kingdom of Scotland.(1)
He assisted "Alaric the Goth" at the Sack of Rome. He brought away as part of the plunder some valuable 'geir' and a chest of books which he afterwards presented to the monastery of Iona (in circa 410 AD). (2)
For more about the Celtic and Gothic Warriors of Christ in the British Isles, read "130 British Saints Before Augustine" by Rev Stephen Michael K.
1. "Staffa and Iona described and illustrated" By Staffa
2. "The History of Scotland, from the Earliest Period of the Scottish...", Volume 1 By James Carruthers

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