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Scottish American Imperial Gothic Klans

As Imperial Goths, we look back to such a rich history. Every single one of the ancient Templar's cathedrals are called "Gothic". However, we have so many more than the Templars could have ever dreamed of owning even in their height. Whether we talk about Cologne, Chartres, or Glastonbury, the history is very rich at such powerful sites of Europe. The leaders of all these sites culimated in the government of America, one of which was the hero of Glastonbury, John Nott. His successor John Nott built the second Glastonbury in America and wrote America's First Constitution in 1630 in Hartford Connecticut. The text of America's first and founding constitution states plainly that it is "for the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

We demonstrate direct lines of Imperial Gothic Knighthoods as per Royal house law, Monastic law, and International laws of prescription (several lines, and the more the better). One of the lines of American Klans is also relevant. It passed from the early Scottish Masters, ie the Burghess of Edinburg. Sir Adam Forrester, Burghess of Edinburg of the late 14th early 15th century is the Patriarch of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Confederate Commander and uniter of America under the Klan. After a Confederate war to maintain our Sovereign inalienable rights from our Creator, he refounded this ancient Scottish order of Knights as Scottish "klans". These Klans have been slandered, however remain a symbol of peace and justice for the original de jure America against the new defacto corporate entity known as the unConstitutional United States.

The Scottish rites of this Monastic and Royal order of Knights has demonstratably remained intact to this present day. The lighting of the cross and circling around it with torches is one of many ancient Scottish Christian ceremonies.

Three US Presidents were Knighted officially into the Ku Klux Klan in the oval office. They had Knighted  three other US Presidents non-publically, for a total of five. Tens of millions of Americans proudly were Knighted in this Imperial Gothic Knighthood of the ancient Klans. Numerous other top Americans were Knighted into this, our most ancient Imperial Gothic Order.

This last generation of Knights has been reorganized to include the name "Imperial" into the Knighthoods.
The Grand Marshal Stephen Michael, was Knighted into this order in 2003, and was made a senior State official in California in 2004. With his senior noble ancestry to the Original Gothic Kings, he has claimed the right to add the name "Gothic" to the Knights via several hereditary rights and for sakes of historical accuracy. These actions were completed with public declarations in local newspapers at five different ancient Gothic Holy places. 

Our Grand Marshal also remains an Ambassador for the original sovereign rights of the Gothic Imperial peoples of the world. The Scottish are one example who have in their original law/rights "the Declaration of Aborath"(Signed by Robert the Bruce and dozens of Barons) which states that their nation came from near the black sea (the place of the Scythian Gothic peoples, giving the date of Israel's migration from Assyrian captivity as their birth as a people). These projects are active in numerous countries through the Priory of Salem Peace keeping missions. These projects include, reclaiming our inalienable rights given by our Creator in America.

It has remained an obligation for our Grand Marshal to continue representing America even from Europe. This duty remains because it was his great great Grandfather John Nott, (senior male line from the Gothic Kings) who was the first to get America out of the yoke of other earthly or royal powers. This most chief inalienable right was ascribed by His faithful hands in 1636-39 for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth (later copied into the first Articles of Confederation).

The first Constitution in America, from which all subsequent constitutions and laws in America claim to have gained lawful basis to subscribe their powers, was drafted in Connecticut by Jurist John Nott. Even today the state is called the “Constitution State”. America’s first and Founding Constitution was called “The Fundamental Orders”. It was the first ever Constitution that gave no reference to any earthly or Royal power. In quoting America’s FIRST AND FOUNDING Constitution, that supersedes all other powers of the earth, we find the following foundations: “orderly and decent government according to God” to maintain “the liberty and purity of the gospel of our Lord Jesus,” to keep discipline in the churches, and to be guided by “laws, rules, orders, and decrees” in civil affairs.

This is the only LAWFUL BASIS claimed by drafters of all the subsequent constitutions, declarations and laws. Since about the time of the civil war most of the States’ Republican form of government went into hibernation, and drafted new corporate constitutions that based themselves in unConstitutional corporate entities during a time of tyrannical civil war and marshal law.

The newer revised and renamed “state constitutions” often include terminology that they go without the people, and directly placing the central federal government as the supreme power over the state (in direct violation of Article 1 section 1 of the US Constitution). They fraudulently proceed anyhow placing in a false idea of authority or power in these corporate entities by force and violence of a military occupation now assuming the names of United States, and names of several states (besides the lawful de jure states still in operation like the Republic of Texas).

When more of the current is proven fraudulent or without effect, then we revert back to the prior foundations or basis. America’s basis in independent law has long been claimed to be legitimized by their stand for freedom to practice Christianity without any other power involved. As coming from the claim to be for the “maintaining the liberty and purity of the gospel of Jesus the Christ”. 

The first US Constitution was for maintaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ (as it was understood in 1639 to include the Mosaic law. The gospel in 1639 did not violently enforce the promotion of radical forms of human mutilation or sodomy). From that time forward, all effectual new laws and constitutions refer back to their lawful basis in the powers that were achieved by the Warrior, Judge, and Jurist John Nott and others at the Wethersfield court in 1639 for our first Constitution. (I noted John Nott as he was the sole Connecticut jurist living there at the suburb of Hartford, and remained a Judge there for about 30 more years, and a top representative to the regional government for America after the Articles of Confederation copied his terminology, etc. He was the main protector after his fame as leader of the Wethersfield Train Band against the Pequot Indians in the war. He was outnumbered something like 10 to 1. He was the central figure who should be accredited as a protector (and his deeply religious Hebrew Christian family) for America’s first and founding Constitution that broke away from all other earthly powers, royals, etc in 1639.)
This act had solidified America’s basis in law to remain legitimate in the inalienable claim of the rights to continue the Constitutional protections against Governmental interference of inalienable rights of The People (to freely serve YAHWEH in all of His good laws for His covenant people Israel). In other words a second Exodus.

The drafters of America’s first and accredited FOUNDING Constitution referred to “The Mosaic Law” in all their proceedings. Such law being the good standard of the Gospel which Jesus preached(which was against traditions of men).

We too as Christian descendants are obliged to carry on in it without wavering from our lawful and current position in Christ. Read about DEFEATING LAND TRYANNY

In accorance with the daily prayer given by the Great King of Kings we are to pray daily His Kingdom Governance is done more in the earth. Today the Imperial Gothic Knights revive the banner of standing for God's holy governance to be done on earth, as in heaven. We act as He has prescribed in the callings and Covenants of His laws per specific decrees. He has decreed to our seed, and seed's seed (Davidic, Levitical, Judah, all distinctly separate but ongoing) even for ever.

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