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The Sovereign Kings of the Goths

Everyone pays homage to the great Gothic cathedrals, castles and architecture all built, by, to and for the Goths. However, many have forgotten both the Gothic people and Gothic nobility. This is best preserved in the ancient genealogies of the senior Royal families of the earth. Gothic Nobility comprises all the Royal houses of the world. This not only is from the time upwards of the Crusades, but back to ancient times. It is unwise to forget this super race, who many times attacked and conquered Rome. 

The ancient glory of the Goths is cataloged not only in the most protected Genealogies but in the most widely accepted history across the world. In Turkey the countless Gothic sites remain deserted. In Ukraine the Gothic sites are in ruins. However, the accuracy of truth remains to tell the awesome story of God's super people descended from the true Israel of the Bible. Whether you count the Trojan Gothic Empire of Thor at Asia Minor, or you count the Scythian Gothic lands, it paints quite the clear picture for all to understand. King Arthur's Sarmatian Knights (Sarmatia being Ukraine) paved the way for the first Knights of England. Jesus in the first Century with His uncle Joseph was also known to play a founding role in the Warrior Priesthood in England. It would be wise that no longer men should taunt and distract from knowing the descendants of Hercules (the branch of Judah who never went to Palestine) who were later called Spartans. 

Royal House law and international law provides there once again be named an Imperial King of the Goths. Unlike conventional nobility, the Gothic nobility is not limited to a locality. However, the beauty of the Gothic nobility, is the seniority over most lands of the earth. Furthermore, Gothic Kingship has never been limited to one locality at any time in history. The firstborn inheritance rights are by blood, not by place of birth. The firstborn branches of this Dardanian Dynasty can relcaim their rightful place as head. A King of the Goths need not be born in any ancient location of the Goths. The most modern land of the Goths being America, it would seem the place of birth will be found there. However, blood alone seals the sacred right to rule, for the heir of the firstborn senior branch. Only original house law at the founding of the house is relevant. This goes back to the Patriarch Judah and the scarlet cord on the arm of his twin son Zarah.

An authority on Royal affairs wrote most accurately on the nature of Teutonic Kingship. From Edward A. Freeman, M.A., HON. D.C.L "NORMAN CONQUEST OF ENGLAND, ITS CAUSES AND ITS RESULTS." 1873 "The Teutonic King is not the lord of the soil, but the leader of the people. The idea of the King of a country would have been hardly intelligible to our forefathers. Every King is King of a people. He is King of Goths, Franks, Saxons, wherever Goths, Franks, Saxons, may happen to settle. The Goths and their Kings moved from the Danube to the Tiber, and from the Tiber to the Tagus; but Alaric and Athaulf were equally Kings of the Goths, in whatever quarter of the world the Goths might be." 

After Odin, his firstborn heirs left Asgard "the place of the Goths/gods" in the east. They moved to the Goth's new base in Sweden. His sons and grandchildren (heirs) had almost entirely relocated. (as demonstrated below in the genealogy of Prince Stephen Michael Nott). The Goths however continued to flourish in the East, and eventually to conquer Rome in the 5th Century.
Gothic invasions in the 3rd century

From "House of Cnott" The Firstborns:

"King Flocwald (born 110AD in Asgard)

King Finn ( born 160AD in Asgard )

Freothalaf (Fredulph) born 190AD in Asgard)

King Sigge (Odin) Fridulfsson (born 210AD in Asgard)

King Njord I of Sweden (born 228AD in Sweden)"

These genealogies are conclusively proven to have originated from the tribe of Judah in the Bible, as a lesser root of Jesse (rather than Branch of David). They never came to Palestine, and so the governing house law is wider than what's found in the Bible.

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