Monday, August 18, 2014

Scottish Imperial Goths

The Scottish Declaration of Independence fought for so hard by warriors such as Robert the Bruce and William Wallace includes the phrases that their tribe of Goths came originally from near the Black Sea, and were converted directly by Saint Andrew (the first and most senior apostle, rather than Peter). The year of their migration is listed, exactly when the 10 tribes escaped Assyrian captivity.

Along with Robert the Bruce, eight Scots earls and 38 barons attached their seals to this, Scotland's most precious possession. It was legally recognized by all, including copies sent to the Pope, undisputed.

Longshanks stole the throne of King David of Israel, from Robert the Bruce's father. Since then all coronations of England are done on Israel's literal throne brought over by Jeremiah the prophet. There is much more well documented history on these facts in numerous nations. The impacts are far reaching for our Imperial Scythian Gothic (true Israel) claims.

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